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June 19 2013
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Jacob Clifton on the illusions and disillusionment of Carrie’s love for Brody:

"[Dana] runs off, all high and mighty, and for lack of anything or anybody better to abuse, the beast that walks like a man starts yelling at Carrie. And she takes it. And the reason she takes is that, while she’s not the stepmother yet, she sure as shit knows Dana better than either of her parents. And the disconnect between the things Carrie knows about the Brodys and the things that would occur to them, a lot of stuff can fall into that gap. In fact, it could create the illusion of love itself.

Being absolutely known, down to your core, is what love feels like. So what happens when a person actually knows you that well for real? When it’s not just a feeling, I mean, but an actual fact. Not a metaphor. Nick Brody has died and been born, now, several times. Down in that hole, he died, and came out just nothing. Just a no-place, no-person. Built over it. And then again, when Issa died. Died, reborn as a cleansing fire. And when he got back here, back into Jessica’s house and in her arms, that was another birth. And Carrie has been with him, literally without stopping, since that day. Wouldn’t that feel an awful lot like being loved?

That’s the beast that crept in.”

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