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Anonymous asked

Did you see what they were filming today? Much sooner than I expected them to film it.

yes life is crushing, etc. etc.

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Anonymous asked

Do you think the color red in the new season's poster is symbolic of anything? I don't know if I'm looking too much into it but I've noticed the color red come into play in pivotal scenes in the past that dealt with Brody. His prayer mat was red, the button to detonate the suicide vest was red, when he was on drugs in that abandoned building he was in a red room i believe, and the noose that did him in was red. And I'm not suggesting Brody's coming back, I know he's dead lol

Generally I don’t pay attention to costume choices on this show because it’s not that kind of show.

Someone asked a few days ago whether it was a reference to the famous National Geographic photo of the Aghan woman. It makes more sense to me that that was the reason why they put her in red.

However, changing the title from the usual gold to the red could imply: DANGER, URGENCY, BLOOD, DEATH.

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Anonymous asked

Hi so apparently Corey Stoll was at TCA. Are we to take from that that his time in South Africa is done? What was his role again?

Corey Stoll was at the TCAs promoting his FX series The Strain. His role is the IBD station chief and was described as recurring, so it’s not out of the question that he would fly back to the US to promote the series of which he’s the star. He’s probably not appearing in every episode and his role may not be very large, which would give him enough time to make the trip.

For reference/comparison, I would describe Rupert’s role as Quinn in S2 as heavily recurring, and Tracy Letts’ as Lockhart in S3 as recurring.

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Foil means: ‘anything that serves by contrast to call attention to another thing’s good qualities’ (I looked it up on the dictionary so that I could understand what Alex Gansa meant on Quinn being a Brody-like foil to Carrie).

So that could be a heads-up on a Carrie-Quinn relationship but reaching that status would mean for the showrunners to at least expand and/or deepen Quinn’s character (like continuing his moral dilemma) and have Carrie more attached and involved to him, similar when she began investigating Brody.

I think I read somewhere in this blog that Quinn is an anti-Brody so I guess that’s where the Brody-like foil is heading into. The only question is how will it be depicted. Quinn’s clips in the teaser seemed like he’s going to snap sooner and Carrie could be the only person who can get himself back together. — myhoneyisfilm

The single most important job for the writers this season in relation to Quinn is not to let him fade into the background and to write him consistently. They partly failed at that last year; once Brody came back he basically disappeared except for 3.10.

I would love to see Quinn snap though.

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Anonymous asked

Yes it would be nice to see things slot into place with her... because that is what dhe hss struggled wit. IMO tthe big stumbling block is her relationship with her child. That wi be the big thing she needs to find peace with. Funnily enough I don't see a, potential, relationship with Quinn as being that complicated for her at all.

Carrie’s internal/personal journey this year is, as always, what’s drawing me in and what I’m most excited to see.

I agree with you that a relationship with Quinn doesn’t seem that problematic. At least he’s never tried to blow up a room full of people.

Or made her believe she was crazy.

Or accused her of whoring herself out.

Piece of cake.

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thatsoundsabourright asked

Maybe I missed it in my extended absence but is anyone talking about Fara in the promo photo? It looks like she is looking at Quinn with a lot of suspicion. Makes me wonder if she is doesn't trust him and why.

(continued)…or if not looking Quinn, why is she the only one looking off to the right while Saul, Carrie and Quinn are looking up to the left? That’s got to be very intentional.
My fear is that they’re trying to be subtle about a Fara/Quinn romance, which is super revolting to me.

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Anonymous asked

I think Quinn's anger issues (I don't think he has them really) are all to do with normal humanity. Dar was his mentor and an extent has always wanted to control Quinn - it is inevitable that Quinn begins kicking out at that. He kept quiet with Carrie last season and took all her verbal batterings. It is again only normal that that should develop to a more even footing. Liking her, and them getting closer leads to it inevitably being a healthier relationship where it is more honest an open.

I do not think Quinn has anger issues.

I’m not sure where this idea came from.

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pocketful-of-posies asked

Sorry but I just keep thinking about Carrie's "I'm gonna be alone my whole life aren't I?" from 1x08 and then about S4 and the baby and possible Carrie/Quinn (or Carrie/Happiness??) and oh god my heart is bursting >.< Be good to us, Gansa!

This show makes me wanna vomit 95% of the time.

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